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One spicy, one fresh and one sweet; Do you have a hard time deciding which Nohrlund cocktail to choose? Then this is the perfect solution for you.

The package contains 3 Nohrlund cocktails of 750 ml; The Yellow, The White and The Red.

The Yellow Nohrlund is made with rum, rose hip and sea buckthorn. The combination of dark rum and fresh acid from the fruit gives a true Nordic flavor.

The White Nohrlund is made with gin, elderflower and ginger and is a refreshing cocktail. The strong flavor from the insistent ginger goes perfectly with the aromatic elderflower and gives a nice balance between the strong and sweet. .

The Red Nohrlund is made with vodka, strawberry and rhubarb and is a sweet cocktail. The sweet strawberries and crisp rhubarb is carefully mixed with a complex vanilla and bring up the taste of summer.

Alc. 8.5% 

Need bigger volume?

We can easily arrange orders with a large quantity of Nohrlund cocktails like weddings, corporate events and big parties. Please contact us here for a quote and let us help.

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