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A classic Espresso Martini based on Nohrlund’s coffee liqueur.
The coffee’s fresh, fruity, and bitter taste notes go perfectly along with the warmth from the vodka and homemade coffee liqueur and result in a cocktail with a sharp character. This is accompanied by sweet vanilla and a hint of licorice to give the cocktail a round and smooth taste. The cocktail is perfect to enjoy along with a dessert or as an after-dinner cocktail to get the party started or keep it going.
Perfect serve
Pour half of the cocktail into a martini glass, and shake the remaining half in the bottle for 10 seconds to create a light creamy foam. Pour the remaining haft into the glass and top off with three coffee beans for the perfect serve.

Alc. 7.5%
Ingredients: Water, cold-brewed coffee*, sugar*, coffee liqueur*, vodka*, vanilla syrup*, and licorice powder*. *Organic ingredients.