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Nordic, fresh and of highest quality

Nohrlund is born out of traditions and trends from the Nordic region, with emphasis on authenticity, quality and sustainability. We value a short route from cultivation to consumption, retaining the good and natural properties of the ingredients while ensuring the authentic taste.
The distinguishing feature of every Nohrlund cocktail is the fresh ingredients, lovingly prepared and carefully selected from farms and local distilleries. For example, we have teamed up with the largest organic rhubarb plantation in Denmark, where organic rhubarb is handpicked, sorted and delivered to us in order to become “The Red Nohrlund” – a blend of vodka, strawberries and rhubarb.

Our spirits – Elegant yet powerful and carefully selected.

We have carefully selected our spirit suppliers in order to ensure that each Nohrlund variant provides a great drinking experience, allowing the spirits to achieve their full potential. We began our journey in Poland, which is home to some of the oldest vodka distilleries in the world. Known for their extensive experience in the field, these facilities produce some of the very finest vodka available today.
From vodka in Poland, we continued on our journey to the world’s first organic gin distillery in London, which has been producing organic gin since 1999. The most distinctive flavours are juniper and coriander, with subtle hints of cardamom, lemon and rosemary. A rich and classic cocktail gin, with a soft, rounded finish.
For our rum, we travelled to the Caribbean, which supplies most of the rum sold worldwide. Here we carefully selected a light rum with character and body, which delivers sweetness, warm and spicy tones to “The Yellow Nohrlund”.