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Our factory and main office are located just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark, where the entirety of our production, starting by creating a recipe to bottling the cocktail, has been brought together under one roof. All of the fresh ingredients are delivered cold pressed in order to achieve the best possible taste while optimizing the utilization of each and every ingredient. Our commitment to craftsmanship and our passion for cocktails remain front and centre at Nohrlund, quality assurance will always be our top priority.

Our Cocktail Lab

Naturally, the factory has its own Cocktail Lab. The Cocktail Lab is a place where there are no limits on innovation and experimentation with different flavours – helping to ensure an authentic cocktail experience time and time again. 
The Nohrlund Cocktail Lab has opened the door to combining and testing different flavours like never before. All recipes and variations are carefully tasted and tested before entering large-scale production as ready- to-serve cocktails.