The Nohrlund Universe

Nohrlund is a universe of award-winning organic cocktails and first class cocktail experiences.
Nohrlund is passion for cocktails, for elegance and for the simple and beautiful.
In the summer 2014 Nohrlund was founded by a group of friends with a common passion for cocktails. The dream was to create cocktails that could be enjoyed and served by anyone. Regardless of location, purpose, knowledge and skills people should be able to serve the perfect cocktail. After a magical summer trying to find the perfect recipes, the three original Nohrlund cocktails was created and just like that, the foundation of Nohrlund started.  

It only took six months before Nohrlund really made its name of the international stage. As the first premixed producer ever, Nohrlund won silver, gold and double gold at the World Spirit Competition in San Francisco. On that occasion it was clear, that Nohrlund premixed cocktails belongs among the best flavors and biggest and best-known brands. At the same time Nohrlund placed Denmark on the world map as the place where the worlds best premixed cocktail was created.  

But Nohrlund is more than amazing cocktails in bottles. It is a universe of unique cocktail experiences that belongs to some of the biggest festivals, best restaurants, cafes and bars in Denmark and some major national and international events.

All this is possible because Nohrlund provides the highest level of quality, in a quick and effective large scale never compromising the right cocktail experience.

At Nohrlund we celebrate collaborations and we could have never come to where we are today without the people who have shown us tremendous confidence and kindness over the years.

We know that our journey has only just begun and that we get to meet more inspiring people on our way. It will be fantastic and we look so much forward to share our passion with you.